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Preschool Piano Lessons

Your kid will learn music the same way he learned to speak

Do your remember your kid’s first words? You will never forget that moment.

Your child heard you speaking everyday and tried to imitate you.

The first word was not even a word but a sound. And then the sounds became words.

Guess what, that is exactly how we should learn music.

We looked and looked until we found E. Gordon’s Musich Learning Theory. His theory focuses on learning music the same way we learn to speak.

We listen to the music, feel the rhythm, imitate it, and then we learn to read it.

We use this theory in our Preschool group lessons. This is the best possible way for your child to start playing piano.

And your child will have oh, so much fun!

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Your kid will learn some new music concept everyday, and will have so much fun that will want to show off as soon as you get home!

You’ll have an artist to entertain at your family gatherings now! And who knows, maybe you have at home the next Mozart… and we’ll help him (or her) revealing as such.

But not only that, your kid will get from our lessons all sorts of benefits:

  • With our games and activities, your child will develop curiosity.

  • Your kid will learn enough vocabulary to create their own music. This will develop creativity.

  • Your child will develop in a more confindent human being, interacting with peers during lessons.

  • Your child will have fun and see music as a game. All while learning all the basics and getting a solid musical education.

  • Your child will understand what he is doing, and will learn by understanding, not memorizing.

This on it’s own might be enough, but there’s something in it for you as well:

  • Depending on every kid, the teacher may recommend for you to stay in the room during the lesson. Take this time as a bonding experience and… you will learn your music as well!

  • Not entering to the lesson? Well, take your time in our waiting room to chill, have a tea and discuss with other parents.

  • With our flat monthly rate you pay the same amount every month. Set up a Direct Debit and you're done!

  • Want to take vacations? Yeap, we thought about that too! We only provide lessons during school term dates, so everyone can get some time to relax… including us.

  • A change of circumstances? Give us one month paid notice and you can stop lessons. That easy.

That is it. The best thing now is to come to a FREE consultation. Visit the school, have a chat in person with our Head Teacher and find the best suitable time to start!

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