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Half-term SuperFun Music Camps!

Do you know what a Boomwhacker is?

Do you know how to make music with your own body? Hint, that's called body percussion.

Want to create your own percussion instruments?

Sounds like fun? Sorry parents... this is reserved for your kids!

In our SuperFun Music Camps, they'll learn all that but not only!

Tell me more!

The main goal is to have fun. It's the holidays! And they’ll also learn music.

Our activities will get newbies hooked with music and add extra skills to those who already play an instrument.

They'll learn music through movements. This activates the senses, the nervous system, the intellect, emotions and creativity.

From 5 to 18 years old

No experience required

What does exactly happen?

There are 3 stations. Kids are divided in groups according to age and/or knowledge level. They will then rotate every day in all 3 stations.

Station 1.- Rhythm with BoomWhackers and Body Percussion.

Percussion is superfun!

A Boomwhacker is a percussion tube with a pitch. Kids will create a complete song only with these instruments.

Boomwhackers are superfun! Check out these cool videos of movie songs played with Boomwhackers.

Body percussion is the ability to play percussion using your own body. It develops motor skills and teaches composition, listening, ensemble and performance skills.

And it's so much fun! Check it out in these videos.


Station 2.- Musicality through Movement.

Kids will move, dance and learn music at the same time. We use the Dalcroze method for this station.

This method can be explained as “living” the music that is being heard. It helps to realize the relationship between timing, the energy in the music and how both can be used in the space.

This is a very engaging method. Kids experience the musical sound, and the instrument is their body!

It helps to feel and understand music and music concepts even for non-musicians.

And there are many benefits for pianists and all musicians in general!

With this method, they'll improve their technique, sound and sense of rhythm.

Check out these videos to see how the Dalcroze method works

Station 3. - Musical Instruments Crafts.

Kids will chill down and create percussion instruments with their own hands... and they'll use them in the percussion station!


Who: Kids 5 to 18 years old
When: February 17th to February 21st, 2020 - 9 am to 3 pm
Where: At MMQ Piano Studio in Willesden Green (NW10 2NB)

Price: £275 for the whole camp, £60 for a single day.

Payment: By bank transfer latest by February 14th.
No experience required. Everyone is welcome to have fun!
Lunch: Children bring their packed lunch and a few snacks.
Water, juice and cookies are provided by MMQ.

Sign Ups: Please, send an email to elena@mmqpianostudio.co.uk

Only 15 slots available!