1 Maybury Gardens, Willesden Green, London, NW10 2NB

Now offering lessons AT HOME!
Unable to come to our school? We will send a teacher to yours!


Because we believe in the power of community


And even more for music learning. We offer shared and individual lessons. And there are extras for everyone: Kids get monthly theory group lessons; Adults and Teens get meet ups and masterclasses; Every one gets performance opportunities such as MMQ concerts and external Festivals; We propose extra activities such as trips to museums, concerts and holiday camps; And Parents get free parents support workshops.

Because our teaching approach is innovative


We proudly offer more than just learning to read and play written music. Aside from traditional repertorie and technique, we help students learn the music they want by exploring different styles such as classical, pop or jazz. We teach them to play by ear, arrange songs based on chords, compose and improvise, use technology, learn theory through games, and much more.

Because we create life long music lovers


Our curriculum it’s been developed after years of experience. We assure students have a broad understanding of everything involved in their level, and not only the few contents required for the exams. We avoid later frustrations and create life long music lovers, not just exam focussed kids.

Because we give you options to make the most of your budget


Get more time at a cheaper price with shared lessons.

Add extra 30 minutes a week of Lab time for only £5/month (subject to conditions and availability).

Help your kids get the most out of their lessons through our full parents support (free parents workshops, practice help, reports).

Because you pay the same amount every month


Ease up your monthly budgeting with us. Our yearly fee is split in 11 months. Just set up a standing order for the next 11 months and you can forget about payments.

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