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Teens Piano Lessons

Teens love to make friends through music.

Many teenagers want to learn piano, and come to us already with the desire to learn certain pieces or styles.

After trying on their own they need the guidance of a specialist to reach their goals.

Others have different musical interests now and are falling out of love with piano.

Some actually love the classical path and wish to take exams or continue that journey.

And all of them love to make friends through music.

We have taken all that into consideration to offer a program that suits their needs.

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We teach the music they want to learn, but still follow the elements of our curriculum.

We make sure their learning is covering all necessary elements to be a well rounded musician.

Teens will learn:

  • to read music
  • to follow chords charts
  • to improvise and arrange their favourite music
  • theory in an applied and fun way
  • to compose their own music

For those wanting to follow exams, we suggest to follow the Grades Program.

We know how important it is to socialize, even more for teenagers.

We design our lessons to be productive and rewarding in a social way.

They can share the lesson with other teens (2/3 people max). That way, they can learn from each other, make music together and motivate each other.

We also organize teens meet ups once a term. All the teens can get together in a relaxed environment. They will make music together, have fun and make friends. All that while they learn about specific piano subjects in every meet up.

Our teens program includes:

  • Weekly 60 minutes shared lessons (recommended). Individual lessons are also available.

  • Teens meet ups: three per year, scheduled at the end of each term. The meet-ups can serve as practice for the concert. It is a great way to make music together and learn while making friends.

  • Performance opportunities: Three concerts per year, organized at the end of each term. Possibility to perform in outside music festivals and events.

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