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Head Teacher & Co-Founder

Marta Maroto is the right side of the brain behind MMQ Piano Studio.

She is a Spanish pianist and teacher. Since September 2018 she is the Head Teacher of MMQ Piano Studio which she manages with her sister, Elena.

For 7 years prior the school, she operated a successful independent piano studio in NW London.
She started to study Classical Ballet at the age of 8 and three years later she started her piano studies. From that moment onward she developed both paths with the same passion.
In 2001 when she finished her Ballet Degree she decided to focus in her piano career. She study then degrees in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy.

While studying her degrees, she started her private teaching practice in Madrid.

After getting her degrees, she dedicated to piano teaching full time. She also became the Head of the Piano department in the Valdemoro Music School (Madrid).

She completed her education with several postgraduate piano teaching seminars in the University of Alcalá de Henares.

She moved to London in 2011 where she settled her independent teaching practice.

To complement her Spanish experience she became a member of the European Piano Teachers’ Association (EPTA UK). She graduated with distinction in its highly regarded Piano Teachers’ Course. The course is the UK’s leading professional development course for piano teachers.

As a pianist, she has performed in several cities in Spain and USA in solo recitals. She has also worked as accompanist for recitals, exams, ballet classes and music appreciation classes.

Her curiosity has brought her to work and discover different piano teaching approaches that make her teaching methods fun while still highly professional.

She thinks piano does not need to be a lonely activity. That’s why she’s put much effort in developing activities for her students such as additional monthly group lessons, adult piano meet ups, concerts, etc.

All these years of research and professional development are currently transferred to the other members of the team, so MMQ Piano Studio teachers and students all profit from her knowledge and experience, making of MMQ Piano Studio a place with a well rounded curriculum and a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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