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Kids Piano Lessons

Your kid will enjoy piano so much that will practice at home… without even asking!

At 7 years old, L. had been taking piano lessons for 1 year at his primary school. He was not enjoying the lessons and wanted to stop.

His parents, believers on the benefits of playing piano, wanted for him to enjoy lessons.

The issue was, he didn’t understand what he was doing.

So we started setting up the basis and using this fun Piano Safari method. Guess what. One and a half years later he enjoys so much the lessons that he sits at the piano every day without even asking.

He looks forward to his lessons every week and he composes his own pieces!

What is the difference? Well, now he knows what to do, he understands it and he enjoys it.

N. is 10 years old and started piano lessons a couple of months ago.

She loves piano so much that in her own mum’s words “she’s become a piano maniac, showing off to everyone at home!”.

She learnt two pieces in her very first lesson!

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The list goes on and on, but let me tell you what you can expect when your kid takes piano lessons with us:

  • Our lessons are fun, so your child will learn while playing, not only piano, but games. Card games, music pieces evoking animals to work on different aspects, etc.

  • Our curriculum and methods help your kid understand what they are doing. They won’t ever get frustrated. Never, ever, again.

  • No more worries about what to practice, how and when. We will provide your kid with “practice menus” so they do know what the next steps are.

  • We will set the basis of a solid musical foundation so your kid becomes more independent at learning.

  • Your kid will become more confindent thanks to our 3 concerts per year. Playing in front of an audience will help them develop into a more confident adult.

  • Your child will socialize with our different options (shared lessons, theory group lessons, etc.). Sharing the experience of learning piano will be of great benefit for their life.

  • In our group lessons (PREMIUM only) your kid will work on theory, rhythm and improvisation. This will make of them a well rounded musician.

That’s all nice and perfect but, aside from your kid becoming the next Mozart, what’s in it for you?. Glad you asked!

  • Our prices include books and materials. No need to worry anymore about looking for books and bringing them on time.

  • Once a month you can book private tutoring time with our Head Teacher to ask all the questions you have.

  • Follow your kids evolution with our reports every term.

  • Stay in the room during lessons or chill out in our waiting room. Have a coffee or a tea (and biscuits, there are usually biscuits...) and discuss with other parents.

  • Do not worry about making calculations every month. You pay the same amount every month regardless of the number of lessons. Set up a Direct Debit and we'll take care of the rest!

  • Want to take vacations? We thought about that too! We only provide lessons during school term dates, so everyone can get some time to relax… including us.

  • A change of circumstances? Give us one month paid notice and you can stop lessons. That easy.

That's it! The best thing now is to come to a FREE consultation. Visit the school, have a chat with our Head Teacher and find the best suitable program and time to start!

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