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Ayushi Parmar

Ayushi Parmar

Piano Teacher

Ayushi started studying piano at the age of 9 and since that moment music has always been an important part of her life. She is the first teacher at MMQ issued completely from its methods and curriculum from a beginner level. Since 2011 Ayushi has been studying at MMQ, achieving high merits in all the grades. At the moment she is still coached by MMQ's Head Teacher, preparing for a post-Grade 8 diploma.

Ayushi has extensive performance experience, participating in MMQ concerts and festivals at least three times a year.

Although her first love is Astrophysics (being a PhD student at the moment!) Piano Pedagogy has always been something she is passionate about. She's had and continues to have extensive pedagogy training by MMQ, its methods, philosophy, and teaching techniques that she has experienced first hand as a student. This makes Ayushi a strong teacher with lots of potential and a solid pedagogy.

Ayushi is an enthusiastic and warm teacher, always striving to deliver lessons in a fun way, while helping students to develop their full musical potential. She is especially passionate to help others enjoy this journey as much as she did when learning in her first stages with MMQ.

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