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Advanced Diploma Piano Lessons

Take your playing to the next level

Our advanced program is designed for those who have reached an advanced level (grade 7/8), whether they have taken exams in the pass or not. A program focussed specially in broadening your repertoire, developing an effortless technique and reinforcing your musical understanding so you can take your playing to the next level.

For those wishing to get a certification, we will prepare you for all the elements in the Diploma exam (DipABRSM, ATCL) such as appropriate repertoire, presentation skills and program notes (ATCL), viva voice and quick study (DipABRSM).

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Our highly qualified teachers have achieved a high level of proficiency, they are great performers themselves and will take you through this exciting journey with a strong level of professionalism and competence, exactly what is needed at such a demanding level.

Although playing piano seems to be a lonely activity, we believe in the benefits that social piano will bring you, that’s why we organize meet ups every term, where students can play for each other in a non judgmental environment, learn about piano subjects explored in each meet up and make friends with like minded people.

Through the year we also organize concerts to watch as a group, workshops for making music together, masterclasses, performance opportunities specific for adults etc.

Our Advanced Diploma program includes:

  • Weekly 60 or 90 minutes individual lessons on request.

  • Adult meet ups: three, scheduled at the end of each term and can serve as a practice for the concert.

  • Performance opportunities: Three concerts organized at the end of each term and the possibility to perform in outside events such as festivals and competitions.

Are you an advanced player, want to get guidance every now and then but can’t commit to regular weekly lessons? Just talk to us. Our advanced group masterclasses are the right fit for you.

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