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Adults Piano Lessons

Playing piano will be the highlight of your week.

S. is an accomplished man in his 40s. He has a great, well paid, rewarding job. The kind of job that takes a lot of time and energy and he spends most of his time working.

But he wanted to do something for himself aside from working all the time. He decided then to start taking piano lessons.

Both during lessons and during practice time at home, he feels that this time is for him and only him.

There is this special relationship that has emerged between him and his piano. Sometimes he would do classic, sometimes he would feel jazzy, sometimes he will do pop. It doesn’t matter.

What it matters is that he enjoys his “me” time. In his own words “playing piano has become by far the highlight of my week”.

W. counts 76+ish springs. And boy, does he enjoy piano playing! P. is his neighbor, she is also retired, and they come together to our adult piano meet ups.

M. works in shifts, but we always manage to fit his lessons in the schedule. And A. spends every Friday morning laughing (and learning) between black and white keys.

There are as many different stories as adult students.

Different backgrounds, different reasons to start or get back to piano playing.

Different needs, all with one thing in common.

They found in our school what they needed.

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So, what is it that they found? Or better yet, what is it that you will find? Hmm, glad you asked!

  • Piano lessons adapted to your level. Beginner, or returned player, we adapt the lessons to your needs.

  • Worried about being a beginner? Worry no more! With our curriculum and methods you will understand what you are doing... and enjoy lessons! Yes, piano lessons can be fun also for adults.

  • Returned player? Secure the basis when needed and then develop your preferred musical style: classic, pop, jazz, arrangements... Anything you want and need, we can adapt.

  • Grow in confidence when you play in our concerts or meetups. Nothing is more rewarding (and stressing, I’ll give you that) than playing in front of other people. Show the fruits of your hard work.

  • Socialize. In our adult piano meet ups you will meet like minded people of all levels. You'll get to work in different aspects of piano playing while socializing. We even go out sometimes: jazz clubs, classical concerts, dinner… you name it.

  • Complicated schedule? We’ll make our best to fit you in.

  • Worried about looking for books? Worry no more. They're included in your monthly fee. We’ll make sure that you get the books you need, when you need them.

  • Do not worry about making calculations every month. We do a flat monthly rate. You pay the same amount every month regardless of the number of lessons included on it. Set up a Direct Debit and forget about it!

  • Want to take vacations? Yeap, we thought about that too! We only provide lessons during school term dates, so everyone can get some time to relax… including us.

  • A change of circumstances? Just give us one paid month notice and you can stop lessons. That easy.

That is it. The best thing now is to come to a FREE consultation. Visit the school, have a chat with our Head Teacher and find the best suitable program and time to start!

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