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Our History

MMQ Piano Studio Ltd. is a family ran business and so, the familiar, community side of it is very important to us. We are not just a Piano Studio. We are a community of piano lovers. We don’t want you to only come and take piano lessons, we want you to feel part of our family, of our community. We want you to improve not only your piano knowledge, but also your general knowledge about music and musical culture.

What does it mean MMQ, you ask? Well, it could mean a different number of things. It could mean Music Made with Quality, it could also mean Minds for Musical Quest, but in reality it means Marta Maroto Quiteria, because that’s part of the name of our Head Teacher and Co-Founder.

So, Marta has been a piano teacher for 6 years now in the London NW area, but she counts with more than 15 years of teaching experience. She looks so young you wouldn’t say, right? Well, that’s not only because she is young but also because she started studying piano when she was a little kid. She has developed since her career fully as piano performer and piano teacher. Her qualifications include BA (hons) Piano Pedagogy, Cert PTC (Piano Teachers course Cerificate by EPTA), BA (hons) Piano Performance, Postgraduate Courses in Piano Pedagogy.

Along the way, she dreamed of opening a multi-teachers tuition school so she could spread all the knowledge and piano curiosity around, and then along came Elena.

Elena is Marta’s sister (I told you this is a family business) and she has never (ever) played piano. But she likes music. And she likes dancing. And she is good at managing projects, at developing a website (she’s developed this one) and with numbers. So, she is helping Marta to make her dream come true.

I know, you figured, Elena is the one writing this lines (hi there!). When you call us it would be probably me answering the phone, and if you have any administrative request it would be probably me as well. But for everything that has to do with piano and piano teaching, Marta is the right person to go. She coordinates the teachers, schedule, developes the curriculum, delivers the teacher’s professional development etc.

There might be many more things to say about us, but I hope we have the opportunity to discuss in one of our events. Or you can check Our Philosophy page to know more about what we beleive in.

And last, but not least, if you think our Piano Studio is a good match for you and you would like to join us nothing easier, just, Contact Us.

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